Hey everyone,

How are things ?

So i would like t start of today’s news with the biggest one :D

I Contacted a member from Vostok Games, you know the guys working on Survarium ;) And after a few days of talk he suddenly graciously offered an interview. Hes name is Joe Mullin, he is the official Social Media and Community Manager for Vostok Games.

So because of this great opportunity, we decided to allow the Hp Gaming community to send in their questions as well. Do keep in mind that i cannot ask him a 100 questions, i will pick out a top 20 or so depending on the quality of the question.

With that said, one very important thing to keep in mind is not to ask questions that have already been answered. So please make sure you have read the official Survarium Q&A before sending in your questions.

All questions can be sent to hpnot1q@hotmail.com.


Next up i have yet another important announcement.

Hp Gaming has opened up a Donate option. Why? I will just quote myself:

Hp Gaming has started out small, but quickly the word on it skyrocketed like mad. This was mainly thanks to the countless communities out there that helped spread the word on this humble site. I always had the motivation of never accepting money from the community. However, that was because i never would have dreamed of my site getting so big. But since it did, i was left little choice but to open this donate service.

After a few upgrades on bandwidth i started noticing that it was getting harder and harder for me to keep up. As the traffic kept on increasing i found myself more and more cornered. In order to maintain this traffic i need your help! By donating a small fee YOU can help keeping Hp Gaming alive. Most of the donations will currently go to bandwidth upgrade, whatever is left, gets stacked and saved for future needs of the website.

Currently, 1Gb of bandwidth costs € 0.40 cents. With well over 1Gb needed each week… Well you do the math. Once i see that donations start to suffice, i will mention so. After all, i will only accept if in need.

So there you have it guys, you can Donate HERE.


Lastly here is the November pic of Lost Alpha, fromt he guys of Dezowave ;)

(Click to enlarge)















See you in the zone Stalker!