Oh hell yea man,

That’s what i am talking about :D More of that creepy, atmospheric, addictive dangerous stuff! I got this in the last hour, and wanted to put this up so fast that i was like ”fuck this” during work. And just started on this article, hope you enjoy :) !

As usual i cannot reveal my source(s), but know that you know as much as i do on these beauties. The only text included with it was as followed.

Exclusive 3D scenes and models from STALKER 2. All the material is taken from a portfolio of Sergey Ivanchenko, 3D-artists working in GSC Game World.

There was no description on each of these pics, as to compared tot he last one, but still. This is awesome!!!

Enjoy and Click pictures to enlarge :)


The second i get more i will post it up ASAP !