Welcome back to another batch of news.

In this batch, the majority of the subjects will be new games to the Hp Gaming branch.

Starting of with a game called: Rust.

Here is a little info of rust from what I know. First of all it is a FPS game (not sure if there i a 3′d person mode) in a post apocalyptic state. Pretty much what you get when mixing, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and DayZ and Minecraft together. Now Minecraft you say ?! Yes, you can build almost anything you want pretty much everywhere. See the introduction video below for more info. The game is currently in Alpha stage.


Up next we have DayZ. Recently they opened the application for the DayZ Standalone radio system in game. If you do not know what that is let me quote a part for you.

As some of you may know, in standalone there will be in-game radio receivers that will allow survivors to listen to Internet radio stations live. The Internet shows available have to be pre-approved which can be done below through the application form below, we will only accept 2-5 in this first round as a proof of concept and to see how it works out in game.

A 1 time appearance from Hpnot1Q on YOUR radio station in DayZ is not a problem, contact me HERE.
The rest of the announcement go’s as followed.

There are some rules;

1. Your radio station MUST be in character with regards to the DayZ apocalypse.
2. You must own or have permission for all the content you use in your application and on your radio show (such as the applicable online radio license - http://en.wikipedia….radio_licensing)
3. You must stream your radio show in .ogg format or we won’t be able to stream it in-game
4. We retain the right to remove your channel from the game

The application process will be in two stages;

Stage one, this will be a text based application that can be found here - https://docs.google….aV9QuY/viewform, this will be open till 09.00am Czech Republic Local time on Monday 8th July. We will then pick the best applicants and we will invite them to stage two selection.

Stage two, this is only for those short listed from stage one, anyone who made the grade will be invited to submit a 10-15 minute sample of what their radio show would be like if selected and possibly discussing some of your future plans with one of the developers.

So get signing up, I look forward to your applications. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to send me a pm.

Best regards,


A top of this i also found new gameplay footage, wel not brand new but im sure most of you have not seen it.


Next we have a game called Frozen State, which has launched a kickstarter. It caught my attention immediately the first time i saw it between all those other kickstarters. I’m always looking for that one small company that has a great game and needs all the attention they can get.

Frozen State is a survival based horror RPG, set in a Siberian, post apocalyptic wasteland.

KickStarter link


Next on our list is one of the greatest mods for Stalker COP ever made. Redux, what Redux ? FUCKING REDUX 2.0!

Yes sir its out, better hole up there and download it ASAP!

Update: I have made the mistake of not looking and reading more carefully. Redux 2.0 is not out yet as of now. The news with this mod is that its development almost came to a stop, they lost 1 or more modeler’s since a crash of some sort appeared that caused most of the data to be deleted. So they are looking for modeler’s at this point. Please spread the word and let’s increase haste in the development of ReduX 2.0!  Thanks to community member ferris747 for pointing me to the right direction ;)

The official quote go’s as followed:


Some bad news I’m afraid Stalkers…

Our modeler suffered a hard drive failure recently, and hadn’t made any backups…

Not all is lost, only that which hadn’t already been sent to me and implemented into the mod.

The main thing we’ve lost however is our modeler’s motivation, as he lost a lot of other mod/work project content and has no enthusiasm to start again from ‘scratch’…

What that means is, we need a new modeler, preferably more than one.

Whereas before we needed new modelers to help speed the process of content creation up, we now need modelers just to continue the project to the extent we have promised/dedicated ourselves to doing. 

We’re looking for enthusiastic and talented modelers to help finish off our brand new from-scratch level, as well as flesh out the interiors of many of the buildings in CoP, among some other small things. Experience with STALKER/Xray plugins is a huge plus!

If you’re interested in helping us out, either private message me here on ModDB or email CoPRedux @ googlemail.com

If you’re not a modeler yourself, please let friends/the world know about our need!

Thanks everyone.

 - Beacon 
Redux v2.0 Development Lead


Update 2: Added the official ReduX 2.0 trailer.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R: COP ReduX link

Last but not least here are 4 new Alpha gameplay screenshots for Survarium and of course the July month calender + Concept art for the “Radar Station” location.

Click to enlarge images.

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And as a bonus: here is a funny metro comic :D

















Cya all next time!