Breaking news people,

The guys over at GSC manage to get their hands on NEVER BEFORE seen unique concept art and renders. They have added a small description on the monsters in these arts and renders, informing what they do and what they are all about. I will do my best to translate in my own understanding.

So let us start of with the first one.

The Леший also known as the Silvan, according the Google translator.

Silvan (Click to enlarge)

Meet the character that can only be found deep in the woods, away from the Stalker bases.
A strange monster that is not trying to catch its prey. He just stands in such completely non-aggressive posture, looking at you from a distance and produces a prolonged, mournful sound. Almost as if singing. Or just standing in silence. But also a creature that can easily be overlooked. His way of killing you is very unique, you will feel the usual fatigue when walking in the forest close to him, lie down on the leaves, fall asleep and never wake up.

What this creature does to you once you are asleep is, it drags you into his lair, deep in the forest (yes you will have to walk back allot probably IF you manage to escape) he will put you next to a bunch of other stalkers he kidnapped, and put you all in a star shape form as a global, why? I do no not know. He will then go in some sort of trance where he kinda breaks out of his ”cocoon”, this is your chance to grab a weapon and shoot it, because this is the only time you can actually hurt him.

This creature himself at this moment is superb – it feeds of the anomalies energy Noosphere – the only resource that can support life in this absurd creature. He uses a combination of nervous systems of their victims as a one-time conductor, on which energy is transferred to the substance of the Noosphere. During one such session, stalkers killed will grant the Silvan full of energy, so he can wander through the forest and sing their songs once more.


 Pig – Version 1  (Click to enlarge)

Pig, the first version

Pig – a creature half alive, led formed in the womb of his parasite. Docile farm animal that died due to the release of anomaly energy, but lost his own mind and will – now its control center is located somewhere in a torn, rotting belly. Looking out of a huge hole, the inner part being a parasite. This feels like a part of his body for the pig. It moves with great difficulty. Seeing the enemy, the creature tries to attack him – it begins to squeal wildly, thin legs with young immature hooves, he will try to attack the player with not only hooves but also turn his parasite side to the player, and let the parasite do a bit of the dirty work.

Pig – Version 2 (Click to enlarge

Pig, the second version

The original version had a very bloody look to it. The second version is more of  a “modest” type – it has another dead head and face of a parasite.


The Крысоволк aka the Krysovolk aka the Giant Rat


Visual and game play wise very similar to the “blind dogs” (not to be confused with rat wolf, which was planned for the first STALKER – approx. Ed.). Krysovolk was approved and modeled. It was prepared with a lot of complicated skeleton bones, skin, and even a couple of animations.


Бревно aka the Log. (Click to enlarge)


Another creature, able to camouflage in a forest. It looks like a damp, rotten log. Inexperienced Stalkers hardly distinguish it from conventional logs.

When this log starts attacking, bark fragments begin to move, and he “splits” in the a eerie organic thing, something like a monster from Dead Space.


The Джембельме, aka the Dzhembelme.

The evil monkey that eats ‘plov’ (comic sketch Ilya Tolmachev and Andrew Verpahovskogo ) (No further information known)

So there you have it guys, remember: A game like S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 never dies out, it merely is on a setback from revolution!