I am totally obsessed about gaming and I am pretty blunt concerning this because it’s the truth. In the past couple of years, I’ve realized that I’ve been playing more games than usual and it has become an uncontrollable obsession.

Only to make certain that I’m not wasting a lot of time playing games, I made the decision to setup this blog site to write down all the experience and knowledge that I obtained from playing games.

Until now, I cannot figure out why these games are very addictive. Nonetheless, all I could say is that it could transport you from your uninteresting life to a world that is filled with exhilaration and magic where anything is possible.

When I’m immersed with the games that I’m playing, I realize that reality is stopped and I do believe that I’m actually fighting against terrifying and magical monsters. It’s undoubtedly crazy, but just about all gamers are the same.

My goals here with the blog site are to help keep you advised and up-to-date with the launch of new games but also to help you increase your enjoyment of established games that we all enjoy playing.

You’ll find occasions when using a new strategy or tactic can get you past an insurmountable challenge and boost the satisfaction of the game. It can also reduce you of your aggravation once you fail to finish a certain level. You may expect a step-by-step tutorial to help you move ahead in your gaming.

Even so, I do not want this site to be all about me. I would also like you to make contributions and I hope that you may feel that this blog can be a place where you could share your own views.

You can add a short comment to the posts or you may also submit articles that you produced yourself and I will see it as a guest post. It will be a great idea if you can add something to the site or submit your feedbacks.

If you’d like to keep in touch with new content that I post on my website, you can add your email to the newsletter or you can also click the RSS feed button. Both these approaches will help you determine if there are new posts or content on the site.

It is best if you can let me know if you’ll find some games or topics that you’ll like for me to talk about. I really want this website to be a place where you can stay and learn so I’d like to fill this with content that you want to read.

I would also like to request something because the realm of gaming needs to be open to all regardless of their gender, sexuality or ethnicity. I want everyone to feel relaxed and welcome in this website.

My only plea is to treat others with respect, especially when they make their own opinions known about the game.

I’m really hoping that you would enjoy what I can offer and you will come back for more. Welcome to my site and have fun.